Goldrush: a success story

The Goldrush trail race was the first of the 4 races we're doing in the UK, culminating in the biggie, the Scott Snowdonia trail half marathon. And it turned out to be a good one, proving to me that my hard work is beginning to pay off. We drove down to Coed y Brenin near Dolgellau after... Continue Reading →

Sun, snow & seals: an awesome weekend

It has to be said... the long run wasn't the highlight of my weekend, the sea kayaking was, particularly when we saw seals and one particularly inquisitive one came to investigate my boat. The weather and sea conditions were perfect for a paddle and I had a lovely, if tiring day, paddling 16k from Rhos on Sea,... Continue Reading →

A running roller coaster

On Friday, John and I were aching after a weights session... the sort of aching that means you crawl up the stairs and struggle to sit on the toilet! As I sat on the train back from working in Manchester, I was tired and really hoped he wouldn't reply to my text about meeting me... Continue Reading →

Self doubt

I've had some moments of serious self doubt this week about my ability to run hilly half marathons, wondering what on earth I am doing, and why. Firstly, we hiked the Scott Snowdonia trail half marathon route on Thursday, which proved to be tougher than I expected, even walking. As you would probably expect, the... Continue Reading →

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