Home, sweet home

After 2 weeks driving 2,800 kilometres (1,740 miles) around Iceland, walking 200,000 steps seeing the sights, and taking over 2000 photos, we’re home. What a fantastic adventure!

The journey went well. We were up at 5.30 and, fuelled by Nespresso, we were ready for our taxi transfer at 6.00. At the airport we printed our boarding passes and luggage labels and dropped the holdalls off, grateful that we didn’t have to join the massive queues at check-in. Security was uneventful except that my boarding pass wouldn’t scan for some reason, creating a big queue behind me. We found somewhere quiet for a coffee and a muffin, before going to the gate. Unlike on the way out, there were a couple of school trips and lots of families waiting to get on the plane. We hoped boarding wasn’t going to be too chaotic.

The plane was a big one, with 2 aisles. We were sitting in the middle of a Belvedere school group, but they were quiet, maybe due to the early start. We watched a film, choosing and starting it quickly so we wouldn’t worry about missing the end this time!

The flight went fast and we were soon back in Manchester. We had a long wait for our holdalls, but no wait for the shuttle bus, which was parked at the bus stop as we approached. John ran to catch it with the trolley full of bags! The car started fine and there were no traffic jams on the motorway or A55. I don’t think we’ve ever had such an easy journey home. We were back for 12.40 (11.40 Icelandic time).

Even though the trip was amazing, it’s good to be home. Millie was really pleased to see us and has been very cuddly and talkative. It’s nice to feel appreciated for once! The garden is looking beautiful, with lots of daffodils, hyacinths and pansies in bloom.

We’ve spent all afternoon doing chores… unpacking, shopping, washing, accounts, emails and so on. Although I like my job, I’m not looking forward to going back to work, and I’m not looking forward to sorting out all my photographs and trying to select just 10 for the project for my photography course!

Just to finish off the blogs on Iceland, as well as the landscape being fascinating, we found lots of other things interesting or amusing on our trip, for example…

  • Apparently urinals are high… Good job John’s tall!
  • Houses are generally heated using the geothermal energy and are boiling. We were sweating inside and had to keep turning the heating down and opening windows, even though it rarely got over freezing point outside.
  • Showers smell. The hot water is from the ground and has sulphur in it.
  • John thinks the speed limit sucks (56 mph), especially as the roads are so empty.
  • They don’t have mugs, just tiny cups, even for takeaway coffees.
  • We paid £33.50 for Barefoot Merlot, which costs £6.75 in Sainsbury’s.
  • The beer they sell in supermarkets, petrol stations etc, is very low alcohol. Drinks containing more alcohol can only be bought in special liquor stores.
  • Away from Reykjavik, shops have strange and short opening hours. In one place the supermarket had shut at 2.00 and in another, we couldn’t get milk after 7.00 in the evening!
  • Supermarkets have huge walk in fridges and cool rooms.
  • Mouth tobacco is sold by the government. Does it not cause mouth cancer?
  • Restaurants have whale on the menu, an endangered species, yet they run whale watching tours.
  • Skyr is everywhere and it’s soft cheese not yoghurt.

Now to start planning our next big adventure… Tasmania 🙂

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