Edinburgh and environs

We had a free week after Christmas and, because neither of us is keen on celebrating New Year... kissing random people in packed sweaty pubs... we decided to go away in Bertie, our camper van. As I said, we're not keen on New Year; therefore, I'm not sure why we chose to go to Edinburgh,... Continue Reading →

Northumbrian castles and coasts

After a few days staying by Hadrian's Wall we moved to the Northumbrian Coast near Craster, with a list of places we wanted to see, and walks we wanted to do. We rose early on our first morning at Dunstan Hill campsite because we planned to visit Holy Island and, in particular Lindisfarne Castle. The... Continue Reading →

Hadrian’s Wall walks

I'd forgotten about my blog. I suppose that, by the end of the summer, I'm pleased when I don't have to update it every day.... One of the plus sides of coming home and getting back to normal! A few recent likes, completely out of the blue, reminded me about it, and I clicked to... Continue Reading →

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