Another hike in beautiful Luxembourg 🇱🇺

We’ve had a very long hike today (19 kilometres or 12 miles in old money) and, although my little legs are tired, it’s been wonderful… more beautiful views, woodland, caves and clefts. In hindsight, we should have done the walk the other way round because we ended up visiting most of the more popular sites this afternoon, along with everyone else who’d come out for a stroll on a sunny Easter Sunday.

The first half of the trail from Berdorf to Echternach was quiet. We meandered through woodland, dappled with sunshine. It’s been much warmer today and we soon stripped off a couple of layers! Our first stop was a cave at Wëllkeschkummer before we crossed a stream, eventually ending up at Geierslee. Here we climbed iron steps to a pavilion with beautiful views down the valley and across the river border to Germany.

From the viewpoint, the path headed steeply downhill to Echternach. For a while we followed an old mill canal.

After having had problems getting lunch in the town yesterday, we were pleased to find we had more options today. For a change, we chose a bakery that served lovely fresh sandwiches, coffee and pastries, rather than beer. There was a classic car show in the town and it was bustling.

Leaving the town, we headed steeply uphill to the Troosknepp viewpoint. I was very hot and sweaty after that, but the view was worth it.

The climb was even more worthwhile when we reached Wollefsschlucht. This is a 10 metre wide and 150 metre long gorge with 50 metres of vertical rock faces. It was interesting to read how it was formed when the sandstone slipped down towards the river due to erosion of the underlying clay.

Our route then followed the Aesbach valley where the path took us on wooden walkways and bridges as it wound through spectacular rock formations, passes and clefts with names such as Perekop, Labryrinth and Chipkapass.

We spent some time at Huellee Cave which used to be a mill quarry. There are circular indents in the cave walls where mill stones were cut out between the Middle Ages and 19th century.

Breechkaul, a little further on, was also used to make millstones but is now used as an open air stage and amphitheatre. From Breechkaul, it wasn’t far back to Berdorf. Thankfully, I managed to get a hot shower and, as I’m now clean, John is taking me out for dinner at the campsite bar 🙂

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