Last day of the trip…

…so we’re making it a good one. We had a lovely meal in Esch last night, which we’re particularly grateful for because so many restaurants have been closed at this time of year in the small villages we’ve visited in Luxembourg

After each having a different 3-course set menu and feeling suitably full, we wandered back to the campsite. It was a lovely evening and John had a go on the trim trail 😆

This morning we had a 4-hour drive out of Luxembourg (where we stopped for cheap petrol and croissants), through Belgium (with a quick stop to eat the croissants 😊) to France. We’re now on the lovely free aire in Bergues, which we first visited on our way out.

It’s a lovely sunny day, although the easterly wind is cold, so we’ve spent the afternoon wandering through the attractive town… past beautiful old buildings (including the stunning belfry), beside the canals (with noisy geese), and along the fortified ramparts.

Although we loved Luxembourg, it’s lovely to be back in France with so many bars and restaurants to choose from. We had a fromage and charcuterie platter sitting beside the canal enjoying the sunshine… perfect! 😋

After lunch, we continued wandering along the ramparts, surrounded by green trees, bluebells, celandines and primulas.

I was fascinated by all the gun slits in the walls, pointing in different directions and, while exploring, I even found a geocache… our 973rd! Maybe we should take up this hobby again when we’ve retired properly.

Tomorrow, we’ll be up quite early to get to Dunkirk and catch the ferry back to Dover. Then we have the long drive home, which I never enjoy. Hopefully, my knitting will keep me busy. 🤞

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