Tack fusing textures

For these coasters, I’ve used a tack fuse, rather than a full fuse. This means the kiln is heated to a lower temperature so that the glass doesn't melt completely. It’s a good way to create a texture on the glass. The temperature has to be high enough to stick the glass together but low... Continue Reading →

Cutting and nibbling

I got the hang of cutting straight lines through small sheets of glass quite easily. However, cutting curves and shapes is another matter! It’s much more fiddly! The type of glass makes a difference too. Clear glass is the easiest, followed by tinted glass, and the opaque glass is the hardest. Patterns in the glass... Continue Reading →

Bold, bright and beautiful

I’ve had a variety of coasters out of the kiln today because I’ve been trying different techniques... kiln carving, mosaic cutting, and simple confetti and powders. However, the most striking of this morning’s coasters are these bold, bright and beautiful ones. They look easy to make, but the pieces need to be cut quite precisely.... Continue Reading →

Delightful decals

I seem to have a bit of a thing going on with alliteration in these titles! Anyway, I thought I’d post about my coasters with decals, which are finally finished. I’m quite pleased with how they look. It was quite a long process to make them. For these beach scenes, first I cut the tinted... Continue Reading →

Playing with powders

Last week I tried using stencils with powdered glass. Unfortunately, although I love the stencil of the trees, the powder I used was too pale and didn’t stand out after firing. With the coaster in the photo, I tried adding fusing an extra white piece of glass behind. This has worked to some extent, but... Continue Reading →

Welcome to LC Creative

Thank you for visiting my new project, LC Creative. I hope you enjoy looking at my fused glass. It's always good to know what people think of it, so please feel free to leave comments. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, as long as they're kind and constructive. My husband, John, treated me to a fused... Continue Reading →

Messing with metals

I’ve just fired this coaster for a second time. The first time around, I tried firing it in the kiln with the metals on top of the glass... a circle each of pewter, antique copper, copper foil and brass. Unfortunately it didn’t work. The coppers went black, the pewter looked dry and crusty and the... Continue Reading →

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