Review and reflections

Now we're back to reality, I thought I'd reflect on our holiday with Velo Tours Spain in a blog. John and I usually plan and arrange our own adventures, and it's unusual for us to book a complete package and let someone else arrange everything. Thankfully, our experience this time was perfect! Also, we’ve recently... Continue Reading →

Sun, sea, ice cream and a paddle

Today we were cycling to the coast for an ice cream and a paddle. It should be downhill from the mountains, right? Wrong! What I’d expected to be a fairly easy day was actually pretty tough… 83 kilometres with 1100 metres of ascent. My body is used to cycling now though, so I took it... Continue Reading →

One day, two cols

Today we tackled the Coll de Rates, which is a 6.5 kilometre, 5% climb to 626 metres. Although it’s not the steepest or longest climb in the area, it seems to be the climb that everyone wants to do, including the professional cyclists who train in the Costa Blanca region. After Coll de Rates we... Continue Reading →

An ascent of El Miserat

The weather was glorious again but the trip to the seaside for a paddle and an ice cream wasn't to be. We decided to postpone it until tomorrow because the weather was perfect for a ride to the mountains, which are more weather dependent than the coast. Also, Marvin and his friend Tonio were going... Continue Reading →

Cycling the Meridian Line

We’ve been very well looked after today. Firstly, breakfast was served in the pool house and there was a huge choice. Concerned that I wouldn’t be able to cycle if I ate everything in sight, I restricted myself to fresh fruit and yoghurt, followed by a croissant. I wasn’t quite so restrained when we returned... Continue Reading →

The Bala Mini Bash

Until this year, I didn't know what an audax was, but the Bala Mini Bash will be our third in as many months. Since we started cycling in January, I found out a friend and colleague of John's does these ridiculously long distance cycling events. One he took part in was about 600 kilometres (370... Continue Reading →

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