Time to taper

Since I last wrote, we've done our last 2 long and hilly training runs and there are now just 10 days to go before we race up Snowdon in the Scott Snowdonia trail half marathon, our ultimate goal. I can't do any more. I couldn't have done any more. In training for this event, this year I've... Continue Reading →

Fell race fun

Yes... I had fun doing a fell race. Well, perhaps not at all times. It was tough... very tough. The hills started immediately and were so steep that many people, including me, were walking and the scree moving beneath our feet made it difficult to make up time on the equally steep descents, particularly for inexperienced fell... Continue Reading →

I conquered Excalibur!

Yesterday, John and I completed the first of our two big races, the Excalibur half marathon, a 21 kilometre trail race in the Clwydian mountain range with over 900 metres of ascent. As a friend commented on my Facebook post, a gruelling route! The evening before, we parked up and had tea in the car park at the bottom of the Jubilee... Continue Reading →

Self doubt

I've had some moments of serious self doubt this week about my ability to run hilly half marathons, wondering what on earth I am doing, and why. Firstly, we hiked the Scott Snowdonia trail half marathon route on Thursday, which proved to be tougher than I expected, even walking. As you would probably expect, the... Continue Reading →

Hills and heartbeats

The weather has been beautiful this week and I haven't been too busy at work so I've been able to get out in the hills behind Prestatyn more than usual, rather than running a flat route from our front door in Rhuddlan. This is great news on two counts. Firstly, there is nothing better than a... Continue Reading →

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