Lon Las Cymru day 1: Ugh… people!

It’s been a long day, and much of it wasn’t enjoyable! I don’t do crowds at the best of times, but three lockdowns, working from home and barely seeing family and friends in groups bigger than four, means I’ve become a partial hermit. Therefore, getting on a train and coming to a city has been... Continue Reading →

Lon Las Cymru: a cycling adventure

John and I have done done plenty of hiking and running challenges in our holidays but, over May half term, we're doing our first cycling challenge. Lon Las Cymru is a 254-mile cycle route from Cardiff Bay to Holyhead.

Mini bike tour: day 3, like 2 drowned rats

The forecast for today was for progressively worsening wind and rain. Therefore, we decided to get up early and get home as fast as possible, trying to outrun the bad weather! After another delicious breakfast, we packed our bags and loaded them onto the bikes and set off. The road started climbing very soon and... Continue Reading →

Mini bike tour: day 2, the assault course

For today, I chose a route from the book, Lost Lanes Wales. We’ve done a few of the routes from the book already and thoroughly enjoyed them. This one was listed as ‘very challenging’, with a rough off road section, and a lot of ascent. ‘That’s ok’, I thought... ‘we’ve got all day. I can... Continue Reading →

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