Mini bike tour: day 3, like 2 drowned rats

The forecast for today was for progressively worsening wind and rain. Therefore, we decided to get up early and get home as fast as possible, trying to outrun the bad weather!

After another delicious breakfast, we packed our bags and loaded them onto the bikes and set off. The road started climbing very soon and I’d already decided I wasn’t messing about and was going to use my motor to get up the Horseshoe Pass. It wasn’t long before we’d climbed the 10 kilometres to the top.

Once we’d gone over the pass, the next 10 kilometres were mainly downhill. John was flying but the faster we went, the colder I got so I decided to take it steadier. I’m also a wimp and don’t have a need for speed like he does! We took the back roads down the Vale of Clwyd, ticking off the villages as we passed through them.

The wind was cold but at least it was on our backs and, until we reached Llandyrnog about 20 kilometres from home, there were only occasional showers so we stayed quite dry. After this the rain set in and became steadily heavier. Before Bodfari, I had to stop for a wee in a field. Bib shorts mean I had to strip off down to my bra top. I was freezing!

The steep climb out of Bodfari soon warmed me up again. John had his head down pushing towards home and I had trouble keeping up with him on tired legs. Thank goodness for my eBike! Just a small amount of help from the motor gave me enough extra power to stay close behind him and soon we’d passed through Tremeirchion, then Rhuallt and were on the last leg of the trip, down the Waen.

We arrived home cold and wet but pleased that we’d made good time. 51 kilometres in 2 and a half hours. We unloaded the bikes, and had a cup of tea and a hot bath. By this time the rain was torrential and the wind was much stronger. The day went to plan, and at least we’ve dried out our gear in the rain… All good practice for the bigger trip at half term although I’m praying for sunshine for that week!

As well as being good training, this 3 day trip has been really helpful for us to consider what we need and what might go wrong. It’s also made me realise it’s going to be very tough but that I’m up to the challenge. I love my bike and I’m really enjoying cycling, and I’m looking forward to Lôn Las Cymru 😃

3 thoughts on “Mini bike tour: day 3, like 2 drowned rats

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  1. So glad to hear you’re home safe’n’sound and beat most of the torrential rain. We’ve been thinking about you in the strong wind and heavy rain!! A successful weekend in preparation for your Lôn Las Cymru adventure – well done both of you xx


  2. Well done on getting home in one piece before that storm broke. And, yes always good to practice in bad conditions, then nothing can surprise you!


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