Hills and views

We woke up early… well, John did. And at 6.30 he started talking to me so I was awake too. As we drank our cup of tea, we could see the mist in the valley, through the trees, so we decided to get up and go for a walk. It was freezing outside but we... Continue Reading →

Fells and falls

After all the rain yesterday, we were pleased to wake up to sunshine. We had breakfast and sorted Bertie, emptying bins and the toilet and filling the water, ready for a few nights off grid. Ou first stop was Killicrankie where we’d planned to walk up Craig Fonvuick. Although, it isn’t particularly high, the views... Continue Reading →

A wet and windy Pitlochry

It’s been a very wet day today, although we did manage to see the waterfalls at Linn of Tummel before the wind and rain set in properly. The river banks were extremely slippery with leaves and moss but, thankfully, neither of us fell in trying to get good photos! Our next stop was Pitlochry Dam.... Continue Reading →

Rushing rivers and babbling burns

Although it rained all night, we had a peaceful night in the Forestry Commission car park in Tay Forest near Dunkeld. Thankfully the weather was, once again, better than forecast and we were able to have a long walk. As the leisure batteries were getting low, we moved Bertie to a car park where the... Continue Reading →

Amazing structures in Central Scotland

Having just spent an enjoyable but tiring weekend with Chris, Claire, Nicole and Rachael… walking, rugby and a kids Halloween party… we’re now exploring Central Scotland. Today we’ve seen three very different and impressive structures… the Antonine Wall, The Falkirk Wheel and Stirling Castle. The Antonine Wall is a 60-kilometre (37-mile) rampart, which was built... Continue Reading →

From St Wolfsgang to Aschaffenburg

Google Maps said today's journey would be 5 and a half hours, but it was more like 8 hours. We're used to journeys taking longer than predicted in Bertie, especially with toilet and food breaks added in, but it did seem a particularly long day. The motorway through Germany was very busy and there were... Continue Reading →

Our last day… a relaxing one

This was the last proper day of our holiday as the next 3 days will be spent travelling home. It was a lovely morning, so we took our first morning brew down to the pier. The campsite was still quiet and we stayed for a while, enjoying the tranquility. We’d booked an extra night and... Continue Reading →

Packrafting on Hallstätter See

Yesterday we had a lovely day packrafting on Hallstātter See. I’d read that Hallstatt was a pretty place, with16th century alpine houses, so we thought we’d park up on the lake and paddle to see the town from the lake. I did fancy visiting the salt mines there too, but we didn’t get around to... Continue Reading →

Cruising on Wolfgangsee

We’ve been ‘proper tourists’ today, cruising up and down Wolfgangsee, sipping wine and beer. After a lie in, we walked round the hill between the campsite and the town of Strobl to catch the ferry. The path was beautiful, contouring the hillside, above the blue-green water of the lake. We saw the ferry coming into... Continue Reading →

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