Luxembourg City

I think I might have a new favourite city. Luxembourg City is beautiful… so much to see and so many green spaces. Mind you we have been lucky to see it in glorious sunshine ☀️ Instead of writing about what we’ve seen, I’ve decided to include a larger than usual gallery of labelled images of... Continue Reading →

Hiking to Tomb of the Giant

After a peaceful night... well... as peaceful as it gets when John has a bad dream and hits out at me!... we woke to a chilly, frosty morning. The sunshine soon melted it though and we've had a lovely 13 kilometre hike with some amazing views. The first main view point was from a tower... Continue Reading →

A Belgian castle day

We were woken early by the traffic in Dinant, a small price to pay for a free overnight parking spot. Unfortunately this meant we couldn’t be bothered to wait around for the citadel to open. Maybe we'll go on our way home. We set of for Walzin Castle instead, and enjoyed a pleasant riverside walk... Continue Reading →

Meandering through Belgium

We’ve had an interesting day today, visiting Wallonia and finding out a little about Belgium’s industrial heritage. First we went to The Grand Hornu, a beautiful architectural complex dating from the Industrial Revolution. The Grand Hornu is a former colliery, and a new town project that was built to include the miners’ residential district, as... Continue Reading →

Dover delays

We had a lovely evening with Ann, Nick and Eddie, which ended with us booking tickets for Y Not Festival in July, probably thanks to 3 bottles of wine! Then, this morning, we headed to Dover in plenty of time to catch the ferry at 2 o’clock. Dartford Crossing As we were travelling, news reports... Continue Reading →

Waiting: Luxembourg trip day 1

I’m bored. I had very little work on today so I’ve had plenty of time to complete the final preparations for our holiday. After visiting my mum and dad at lunchtime, I’ve done the shopping, emptied the washing machine and dishwasher, watered the plants and packed the food into the van. Now I’m just waiting... Continue Reading →

Hills and views

We woke up early… well, John did. And at 6.30 he started talking to me so I was awake too. As we drank our cup of tea, we could see the mist in the valley, through the trees, so we decided to get up and go for a walk. It was freezing outside but we... Continue Reading →

Fells and falls

After all the rain yesterday, we were pleased to wake up to sunshine. We had breakfast and sorted Bertie, emptying bins and the toilet and filling the water, ready for a few nights off grid. Ou first stop was Killicrankie where we’d planned to walk up Craig Fonvuick. Although, it isn’t particularly high, the views... Continue Reading →

A wet and windy Pitlochry

It’s been a very wet day today, although we did manage to see the waterfalls at Linn of Tummel before the wind and rain set in properly. The river banks were extremely slippery with leaves and moss but, thankfully, neither of us fell in trying to get good photos! Our next stop was Pitlochry Dam.... Continue Reading →

Rushing rivers and babbling burns

Although it rained all night, we had a peaceful night in the Forestry Commission car park in Tay Forest near Dunkeld. Thankfully the weather was, once again, better than forecast and we were able to have a long walk. As the leisure batteries were getting low, we moved Bertie to a car park where the... Continue Reading →

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