Le Moucherotte and a move

Today we moved on to Guillestre, where we were meeting up with Dan and Jackie, Zac and Judy, and some other friends. However, first we thought we'd do another hike. It was a bit cloudy when we woke, especially on the tops of the mountains; but we thought we'd climb Le Moucherotte anyway and hope... Continue Reading →

Grottes de Choranche

Apart from a few flashes in the distance and some quiet rumbles, the storms we were promised didn't materialise last night. Much as we'd been hoping for a lightning show, at least this meant a decent night's sleep. We woke to cooler, cloudier weather, but it's still warm enough for shorts. On the advice of... Continue Reading →

Gorges galore!

The Vercors regions has spectacular scenery and today we explored some of the best gorges, cliffs, passes and plateaus. First of all, we set off up the mountain via Combe Laval to Col de la Machine, which is over 1000m high. The road at Combe Laval took over 50 years to make because it's hewn... Continue Reading →

Hot, hot, hot!

What a dreadful night's sleep! At 1.20 we were woken by some inconsiderate people arriving in a Winnebago and parking up next to us. They spent half an hour crashing around outside before finally closing the door and curtains and settling down! Then at 3, I woke again to the sound of John snoring loudly...... Continue Reading →

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