From St Wolfsgang to Aschaffenburg

Google Maps said today's journey would be 5 and a half hours, but it was more like 8 hours. We're used to journeys taking longer than predicted in Bertie, especially with toilet and food breaks added in, but it did seem a particularly long day. The motorway through Germany was very busy and there were... Continue Reading →

Driving north through the forest

We needed to do a fairly long drive today to make up for staying in Titisee for an extra night. We set off towards Freiburg, stopping at a supermarket just off the main road to stock up on supplies... mainly beer and wine! We didn't end up visiting the town, partly because of time restrictions... Continue Reading →

Feldberg and Feldsee

Today we've had a wonderful 10 mile (16 kilometre) adventure, which has felt like a hike through all four seasons. We've had winter snow, spring green shoots, glorious summer sunshine and autumnal forests... All absolutely beautiful! We left Bertie on the campsite and caught the 9.04 bus up to Feldberg. It's fun getting public transport,... Continue Reading →

Feldsee: an exceedingly pretty ‘see’

We've had another bike ride today. It's so lovely to be out in the fresh air and sunshine, sightseeing under our own steam. Although I've enjoyed visiting towns, castles and palaces, hiking and cycling adventures are my real love... when the weather is so perfect anyway! We set off uphill almost immediately. In fact the... Continue Reading →

A tale of two ‘Sees’

We moved on from Triberg to Titisee today. It's Easter weekend, the weather is glorious, and this is a popular place so, of course, it's very busy. The drive over was beautiful, up and down through pastures and forests, dotted with pretty towns. As John said, it's like the Alps without the high mountains. In... Continue Reading →

A very busy day!

We've seen and done a lot today, from visiting an old castle to zooming high in a modern elevator, and from checking out cuckoo clocks to walking to the top of Germany's highest waterfall. Burg Hohenzollern was our first stop. It's a castle perched on top of a hill, whose many turrets can be seen... Continue Reading →

Medieval Tubingen

I'm feeling sorry for myself today because I think what I thought was a cold is actually hay fever. It's not something I've really suffered with before but my eyes are really watery and sore and my nose is runny and itchy. Oh well... if that's all I have to complain about... Today has mostly... Continue Reading →

Lovely Ludwigsburg

Thankfully the ambulance sirens weren’t screeching all night. In fact, despite being in the centre of the city, it was very quiet, with just the birds making a noise. We’d read that Ludwigsburg Palace opened at 9.00 so we wandered along the tree lined avenue through the park to the gates. Only a couple of... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Heidelberg

I had 9 hours sleep last night... 9 hours! I've been constantly tired for a few weeks and now I have a cold, so I must have needed the rest. Worried my cold might be Covid after being close to others in lifts on the ferry and in queues elsewhere, I did a test... thankfully... Continue Reading →

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