Driving north through the forest

We needed to do a fairly long drive today to make up for staying in Titisee for an extra night. We set off towards Freiburg, stopping at a supermarket just off the main road to stock up on supplies… mainly beer and wine! We didn’t end up visiting the town, partly because of time restrictions and partly because it was so busy. It can be difficult parking Bertie when the bikes are on the back. We prefer to park outside towns and cycle in but couldn’t do that today.

The sat nav on my iPad warned me about a traffic accident that was causing long delays on the motorway. Therefore we changed to a slower but more scenic route. We meandered through countryside, up and down hills and it was a pleasant drive. The scenery was quite different from the high Black Forest where we’d been staying. We travelled through valleys with ploughed fields and meadows yellow with buttercups and dandelions, which were dotted with fresh spring green trees or fruit trees blossoming pink and white. Now and again we crossed babbling rivers and drove past pretty towns with tall church spires.

We stopped for lunch in Schiltach, which is a logging town at the confluence of two rivers. It’s timbered buildings were very attractive. It was very peaceful eating our butties by the river.

From there we headed uphill to the Black Forest high road or Schwarzwaldhochstrasse. For a while we wound backwards and forwards round bends, following the river tumbling downhill beside the road. There were sawmills and stacks of logs everywhere. I wish I’d taken a picture.

We then joined busier roads again and turned up onto the Black Forest high road. The landscape was very different from anything we’ve seen before in Germany. It must get very cold and windy up there, and the trees and shrubs were quite stunted. There was a mixture of trees… leafless deciduous and green fir… and there were lots of sandstone blocks lying around.

We stopped at Mummelsee, which is a very pretty and popular little lake, just off the main road. Despite it being busy, it was good to stretch our legs and get some fresh air before getting back into Bertie for the last bit of today’s drive.

There were great views down into the flat and extensive valley far below. I started searching for a nice place to stay tonight while John drove. Our plans to try and visit several places on our way north have changed… we’ve now decided to have a more relaxing day by the Mosel river tomorrow instead

Tonight we’re staying in a lovely stellplatz attached to a hotel in Zwiebrucken. We’ve emptied the waste water and had showers, and John cooked dinner while I wrote this blog… again! He’s now dancing to Reverend and the Makers under the disco fairy lights, while he washes up. Good times 😆

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