August 27th: The road trip ends

We rose early and drove to the Eurotunnel terminal, allowing a little extra time to sort out our lack of passports. Showing our driving licences, we got through French immigration straight away (they were obviously glad to get rid of us 😉 ) but at British immigration we were taken aside and advised it would... Continue Reading →

August 26th: Last day of our holiday

John took the bikes off the back of the van and we rode up to the beach for breakfasts… Croissants are so much better in France than anywhere else. Afterwards, we rode into the the centre of Gravelines to visit tourist information. The town is fortified with ramparts and moats and we wanted to know... Continue Reading →

August 25th: We start our journey home

Although the thunder and lightning stopped, the torrential rain which started late afternoon yesterday continued all evening. We collected a takeaway from the campsite restaurant and ate it in the van, rather than sit outside. This morning it was still raining. John had washed and dressed but decided to change into a pair of swim... Continue Reading →

August 23rd: Linderhof palace

After a lovely 10 hour sleep, John made me tea and toast in bed and let me wake up gradually. He wanted to make an early start as we planned to visit Linderhof palace and all the tourist attractions are so busy at the moment it’s best to get there soon after they open. Linderhof... Continue Reading →

August 21st: Zugspitze trek day 1

The alarm went off at 6.25 and we were soon ready to leave, having prepared the night before. The early buses don’t stop at the Wankbahn cable car station, next to the camper van site, so we walked down the road to the next bus stop. We were very early and waited… and waited… and... Continue Reading →

18th August: Wank

Ok… Who sniggered? Or is it just me and John that find the name of this mountain amusing? I had an awful night’s sleep with so many hot flushes that I felt as though I was lying in a puddle all night! At 7 we decided we might as well get up and make an... Continue Reading →

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