20th August: The highlight of the day… Mukkefuck

We passed the Mukkefuck bistro on the way back from the walk yesterday. John liked the name 😉 and it was listed in Tripadvisor so we decided to have lunch there today.

The morning had been spent having a lie in, doing ‘housework’, and preparing for the trip up Zugspitze. As we’re staying in a hut overnight, rather than just day packs, we need a change of clothes, toiletries and enough food for 2 days, although we will be able to eat in any huts we pass.

I’m a bit worried about the walk. Firstly because I’ve struggled when its been hot. The forecast is sun for tomorrow but the temperature isn’t too bad (21 degrees) and although the walk is long (about 14k or 9 miles) the ascent is only about 700m. The second day sun and cloud are forecast and we have 1600m of ascent over 7k, which will be very tough. Apparently, in the hut, residents are woken at 6.30 by a man playing an accordion, so at least it will be cool when we set off!

Secondly, when we tried to book, there are no free beds in the hut so we are sleeping on a mattress. I am assuming this will be like the night on Tour de Mont Blanc when we shared a long bunk with about 10 other people. Need to get there early and get the end so I haven’t got a big, smelly man snoring in my face! Just John 😉

We’re just having dinner and a couple of beers; then a shower (the last hot one for a couple of days!) and an early night as we’re up very early tomorrow. Maybe a film in bed. Anyway, I’ll let you know how we faired on Thursday evening x

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