5 Sees bike ride

We’re in the Salzkammergut, which is the Austrian Lake District and has over 70 lakes. After a lazy day yesterday because it rained, we planned to cycle round Wolfgangsee today. However, instead, we decided on a route that passed 5 lakes or sees as they are called here. First we set off uphill to Schwarzensee,... Continue Reading →

Bike ride to Lago di Braies

We had a relatively lazy start today because it’s our last day on the campsite and we wanted to get the washing done. It’s been really sunny so we’ve managed to get two loads washed and dried, ready for our 7-day trek. We haven’t done nothing though. While I wrote the blog for yesterday, John... Continue Reading →

A bike ride to Cortina

We had planned to get a bus at 9 o’clock to do a via ferrata but overslept so, after a lazy start, we decided to have a bike ride instead. There’s an old railway track that runs all the way from the campsite to the town of Cortina d’Ampezzo I hadn’t realised how far or... Continue Reading →

C2C & HCW day 4: Hexham to Carlisle

What a beautiful day! Hadrian’s Wall Cycleway didn’t disappoint and the weather was perfect. The only downside today was our sore nether regions, which made bumpy sections of the route particularly challenging 😆. From the elevation profile of today’s route, we could see it was going to be another rollercoaster day. When we reached the... Continue Reading →

C2C & HCW day 3: Stanley to Hexham

100 kilometres! I have just cycled 100 kilometres! Without complaining… not much anyway 😆. I expected to struggle with it, but I was fine… until the last half hour when it chucked it down with rain anyway! We set off today on the Consett and Sunderland Railway path through lovely scenery. We were very lucky... Continue Reading →

C2C & HCW day 2: Alston to Stanley

Today has been a tough day… especially a tough afternoon. The morning was like a roller coaster as we had 6 big climbs… up down, up down, up down… you get the picture. Then, on the last and steepest hill, just after lunch, Ruby’s battery failed. You can imagine the tantrum… but I did it…... Continue Reading →

C2C & HCW day 1: Penrith to Alston

We arrived in Penrith by noon. It was spitting with rain and I have to admit I wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic about the bike ride ahead of me. We went to the loo, changed into our cycle gear and loaded the bags onto the bikes. Then, after eating our ham sandwiches, we set off. The... Continue Reading →

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