5 Sees bike ride

We’re in the Salzkammergut, which is the Austrian Lake District and has over 70 lakes. After a lazy day yesterday because it rained, we planned to cycle round Wolfgangsee today. However, instead, we decided on a route that passed 5 lakes or sees as they are called here.

First we set off uphill to Schwarzensee, a very pretty small blue-green lake surrounded by forest. All the lakes we passed were actually pretty blue-green lakes! After 24 hours of heavy rain yesterday, the rivers were full and fast-flowing, and we could see where fields, paths and bridges had been flooded.

From Schwarzensee, we followed a rough track, firstly undulating, then steeply downhill to a much bigger lake called Attersee. I found the track quite scary, especially where it was steep… I hate it when Ruby’s wheels bounce from side to side on the rocks! After my meltdown, John calmed me down and I managed to ride down the long, long hill, tightly gripping the brakes.

Finally back on a nice smooth tarmac road, we stopped for lunch by Attersee, before cycling the short distance to another large lake, Mondsee.

From here we passed through a tunnel, then had a slog uphill to tiny Krotensee. From here, it was downhill, back to St Gilgen, at the opposite end of Wolfgangsee from our campsite.

The last section of the ride was relatively flat along Wolfgangsee. We stopped at Strobl for a delicious ice cream but some dark clouds were looming so we were soon back on the bikes, heading to the campsite.

We were lucky that the clouds didn’t come our way though, and we had a couple of hours in sunshine before showers and dinner.

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