The Bala Mini Bash

Until this year, I didn't know what an audax was, but the Bala Mini Bash will be our third in as many months. Since we started cycling in January, I found out a friend and colleague of John's does these ridiculously long distance cycling events. One he took part in was about 600 kilometres (370... Continue Reading →

Mines, moorland and mountain

For day 2 of my weight loss challenge, we’ve had a 13 mile hike from Nant Mill, near Coedpoeth, Wrexham. The plan was to walk the uphills and jog the downhills, and we pretty much stuck to that, taking about 4 hours 20 minutes to complete the route. I was quite pleased to get round,... Continue Reading →

A paddle up the Cymyran Straits

It was rather damp and drizzly this morning, and the forecast was for quite strong wind, but we’d planned a paddle so John and Dan discussed various options. They finally decided on a trip up the Cymyran Straits which, from John’s calculations, meant we’d be out of the wind and should be helped by the... Continue Reading →

A mini trip to Anglesey

We’re having a mini holiday on Anglesey, to meet up with friends and family, and try out Bertie BoxLife properly. I’d been a bit worried where all the food, clothes and kit would fit but it all went in easily and everything now has a logical place. Bertie now feels like home and we’re having... Continue Reading →

The 3 lighthouses challenge

Not my usual type of challenge as there was no running involved... Last weekend's challenge was to photograph the 3 main lighthouses on Anglesey – Penmon, Llanddwyn Island and South Stack.  The day was a Welshot rewards day and the aim of the event was to be out all day, experimenting with photography and, hopefully capturing a... Continue Reading →

Photographing little things

I've had a fantastic weekend photographing flowers and insects on Anglesey and in Snowdonia. The weather was beautiful and it was great to be out in the sunshine. Unfortunately, the hot, dry weather meant little creatures like frogs were hiding somewhere cool and damp where we couldn't find them. Otherwise, the weekend was only marred... Continue Reading →

Sun, sea and photography!

It's been a very busy week, and a very hot one. It's been lovely to get out in the sunshine  and practise various techniques with photographers from Prestatyn camera club and Welshot. I joined Prestatyn camera club last week and, this week, we had a trip to the beach to have a go at taking... Continue Reading →

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