Mines, moorland and mountain

For day 2 of my weight loss challenge, we’ve had a 13 mile hike from Nant Mill, near Coedpoeth, Wrexham. The plan was to walk the uphills and jog the downhills, and we pretty much stuck to that, taking about 4 hours 20 minutes to complete the route. I was quite pleased to get round, although I was very tired by the end, with a bad headache, which is still lingering more than 5 hours after we finished.


We were woken from our slumber in the campervan by a couple of dogs barking on a neighbouring pitch at 6.30. This was rather annoying but meant we were up relatively early and ready to get going after our breakfast croissants, a treat as we had them in the van, left over from last week, and would burn them off on the hike.


The walk went up the pretty Clywedog Valley to Minera lead mines, past a quarry and lime kilns. I’d like to visit this area again when I have more time to take photos. Then we crossed heather moorland, went around the edge of the Llandegla mountain bike centre, and followed Offa’s Dyke footpath to World’s End. After going up over the hills above Llangollen, we returned through farmland to Nant Mill. Apart from the last section, when I was tired, grumpy and fed up of fields rutted by farm animals, it was all rather beautiful.


According to the data collected on my watch, on the walk I did over 33,000 steps and burned over 1600 calories. I’d planned my food for the day but, even after drinking plenty and having a soak in the bath, I was feeling poorly, so I ended up eating an extra cereal bar and a packet of low fat crisps. I was a bit disappointed but having looked at my calories in and out for the day, it probably doesn’t matter because, although I’m over my goal of 1200 calories, I’m still well in deficit. And at least the headache means I’m not missing the glass or 2 of wine that I’ve been accustomed to each evening over the summer!


I’m going back to work tomorrow after 6 weeks leave. That’ll be a shock to the system but will mean I’m back into a routine. It’ll be easier to stick to a healthy diet, with salads for lunch and no alcohol in the evening, and I’m booked into the gym for the next 4 evenings. Bet that’ll hurt!

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