Back to work

John and I were back in work today after 6 weeks off, so we’re now back in the routine of planning meals in advance and booking sessions at the gym. I expected this would make it easier to stick to my plan for losing the 6 kilograms I gained over the summer. However, I have struggled with feeling hungry today… maybe because I’ve been tired and headachy since yesterday’s run/walk, maybe because my body has been used to more food, or maybe because I’m a bit down that our wonderful holiday has come to an end. I also found everything harder than it should have been at the gym… the weights seemed heavier and the cardio seemed more exhausting than last time I went… the downside of carrying more weight, as well being out of practice.

That said, overall it has been a good day… work went well and I’m now ready to get stuck into my new task list; I’ve done lots around the house; I made £260 on eBay; I managed to stay within my calorie goal and hit my step goal; and I trained. It was lovely to be back at the Fitness Academy, surrounded by smiling friends, even if it did hurt! For the month of September, Lou, the academy owner, is encouraging members to share their experiences around diet and fitness each day, which will really help us all with motivation and accountability. It’s certainly working for me… I can’t wait to weigh myself this weekend!

PS I probably did 10,000 steps today but I’d put my FitBit on charge while I was sitting working and forgot to put it back on my wrist when I was pottering around doing jobs around the house.

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