Getting our bearings in Dubrovnik

As forecast, it's been blowing a gale today. We had a lie in and went down to breakfast at 9.30, only to be told we'd missed it... It finished at 10.00. The lady cleaning suggested we'd forgotten about the clocks changing. We looked at each other confused... We'd both changed our watches... And the TV... Continue Reading →

Holiday time!

We've travelled to Dubrovnik in Croatia today. After too much wine and Chinese last night, I unfortunately woke at 2.48 and couldn't get back to sleep. As if getting up at 4.15 wasn't going to be bad enough! Never mind, at least I had time for a leisurely brew and a long cuddle with Millie... Continue Reading →

Did it!

Well, it's not a weight loss strategy I'd recommend; however, being ill all week means I've met my goal weight earlier than expected. This morning I weigh 59.8 kilograms (9 stone 6 pounds) so I've lost 0.8 kilogram (1.7 pounds) in the last week and a total of 6.4 kilograms (1 stone) over the 6... Continue Reading →

Wool and walks, a Yorkshire weekend

There is a God out there. After worrying about all that's ahead of me this week and my continually expanding 'to do' list, I have very little photography course homework this week and photography club has been cancelled. We've had 2 new single night Airbnb bookings for this Wednesday and Saturday, which nearly sent me... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry …

...If my previous post sounded as though I was complaining about my life or wanted sympathy. That wasn't my intention. I'm conscious that social media generally makes people's lives look wonderful, and someone once deleted me as a Facebook friend because my posts were always too happy.... honestly! I want my blog to be real...... Continue Reading →


... That's how I seem to spend most of my time feeling at the moment. My 'to do' list never seems to get any shorter and, although I think I should be able to do everything I plan to do, maybe I'm expecting too much of myself. I'm just about getting through everything, but I... Continue Reading →

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