Getting our bearings in Dubrovnik

As forecast, it’s been blowing a gale today. We had a lie in and went down to breakfast at 9.30, only to be told we’d missed it… It finished at 10.00. The lady cleaning suggested we’d forgotten about the clocks changing. We looked at each other confused… We’d both changed our watches… And the TV above our heads showing the weather and scenes of Dubrovnik, also said 9.30! It turned out that Tony, the owner, was out on the beers last night and, a bit worse for wear this morning, had cleared up breakfast too soon! No problem… We were soon seated with cereal, yoghurt, bread and fruit and coffee.

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After breakfast, we set off for the 25 minute walk to the old town, up and over the hill. Despite the wind, it’s been very warm and we didn’t need coats. The sea was crashing against the rocks and we enjoyed watching it, glad we weren’t on a boat or in a plane today! I ended up having to buy some lens cleaner for my camera because it was covered in sea spray!

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Because of the wind, we decided not to walk around the walls, but save that treat for another day. We spent some time walking through the old streets. I particularly loved the little side alleys heading up the hillside. It’s also been a perfect day to enjoy sitting watching people go by, in bars and in a restaurant for lunch. As we were in no rush we chose a nice place for lunch. We both had risotto… veal with Parmesan crisps for me and the local speciality, black risotto with octopus ink and leg, cuttlefish and shellfish for John.

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After we’d eaten, we passed a gallery of war photos and decided to go in and look around. There were lots of great images showing the lives of people involved in recent wars in places including Kosovo and Bosnia. Looking at them made us feel very sad. We’re very lucky to live in the UK and lead such safe, peaceful sheltered lives. Although we hear lots about wars on the news, the images in the gallery were much more real, supported with additional information about the people they showed.

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I don’t think I could be a photojournalist, taking these sorts of images. It would be too harrowing, not to mention dangerous. I was anxious just taking a few street photos for my coursework!

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Once we left the gallery, it was raining outside, but John had been looking forward to a pistachio ice cream so we had one. Then we walked back to our guesthouse, where we’re now relaxing while the storm rages outside. I’m hoping for some lightning because I’ve found out how to get good photos of it!

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