30th July: Montseuc 2333m

Our walk today began steeply up what was obviously a ski run in winter. The ski lift was running but we need to get used to the ascents as we have some bigger hikes planned later in the week. Plus we need to acclimatise to the altitude. We had the track to ourselves until we... Continue Reading →

31st July: Lago di Loie 2354m

I didn’t manage to eat dinner last night, nor did we manage to pack for the walk today. However, after 11 hours sleep I felt much better and we decided to go for it. We dashed around, getting washed and dressed, making breakfast and butties and packing our rucksacks, and we just about managed to... Continue Reading →

29th July: Thunder storms

We were woken by thunder and lightning and, when I looked out of the window, even though it was 8 o'clock it was dark enough for the street lights to still be lit. We had breakfast in bed and spent the morning reading. By 12ish, the rain had stopped and the sky was brighter so... Continue Reading →

27th July: We reach the Alps

We had a lovely evening yesterday. We sat where it was peaceful, away from the crowds in the bars, and watched the sunset go down on the lake. Unfortunately we hadn’t taken a camera and by the time I walked back and got one, the bright pink sun had gone! As soon as we got... Continue Reading →

26th July: a day of mixed weather

About 10 hours after leaving home we were snuggled up in our bed in Calais. I’m always impressed with the tunnel. Its so fast and easy. And because we arrived after midnight, the roads were empty and we found the stopover without any problems. It was dark and very busy but we quickly found a... Continue Reading →

And we’re off!

At last our holiday has started. We set off at 1.30 leaving the cats in Jean’s loving care. In spite of knowing they’ll be well looked after, I felt awful leaving them, especially as I didn’t get to say good bye to Millie who’d done a disappearing act… Maybe because John took her to the... Continue Reading →

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