30th July: Montseuc 2333m

Our walk today began steeply up what was obviously a ski run in winter. The ski lift was running but we need to get used to the ascents as we have some bigger hikes planned later in the week. Plus we need to acclimatise to the altitude.

We had the track to ourselves until we met the people spilling off the ski lift. We joined them to follow the trail to the summit, with beautiful views of the mountains around Cogne, including the Gran Paradiso mountain range. We also spotted a deer and a chamois on the ascent.

After reaching the summit, a height gain of over 700m, we had planned to come back via another route. Unfortunately it was closed for maintenance due to rock slides so we did a smaller loop and followed the ski run back down to the village.

I arrived back with a headache and feeling a bit sick. Too much sun maybe. I’m not designed for hot weather. Unlike last night, I won’t be doing a workout this evening. Yesterday we amused everyone by swinging kettlebells in the shade of our van.

Now its time for dinner. Afterwards we’re going to get organised for tomorrow so that we can set of earlier and, hopefully, get the ascent out of the way before it gets too hot, unlike today.

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