I have a dream…

... about me and John leaving our house and work behind and taking off in the campervan... travelling through Europe to places further afield, making a little money here and there by blogging about the things we love, such as wild camping, sight seeing, hiking, running and photography; selling the occasional photo of the beautiful places... Continue Reading →

Back in the game

I've had a weekend off counting calories and tracking my exercise, and its been lovely to relax without thinking about whether to eat something or not and whether, if I do, I should exercise to burn it off. However, it wasn't as lovely this morning to find out I've put 0.6 kilograms back on! We... Continue Reading →

When the going gets tough

Some weeks are just tough, for no good reason... I seem to have got lots wrong  in my attempt to lose weight this week and I don't really know why. I generally haven't slept very well, I haven't done enough steps and I have eaten too many snacks. I haven't tracked my food in advance... Continue Reading →

Surviving the weekend

Surviving the weekend' might make it sound as though we've had a bad weekend. We haven't... It's been fab! However, it has been difficult in weight loss terms. A pub tea, cake in a cafe, too much alcohol and a hangover have made it difficult to stick to my plan. My calories were well over... Continue Reading →

And breathe…

I've had another busy week... not stressful... just really busy. In between work and training, I've been ticking things off my list of jobs and editing photos to submit to my first competition. Being busy has its good points. Although at times I've really struggled this week, feeling hungry or too tired to train, I've... Continue Reading →

Mind games

That's what weight loss is often about. While I think tracking your calories and exercise is vital for weight loss, the voices inside your head need addressing too. You're running late, take the car to the gym instead of running; it's raining, don't bother traipsing up and down the platform to get the steps; those... Continue Reading →

2.8 kilograms!

That's what I've lost in the last week... 2.8 kilograms... 6 pounds... nearly half a stone! I know the first week is always the easiest, but I'm still very pleased with that. It's more than I expected and, hopefully, I’ll have lost another 3.4 kilograms and be back to 60 kilograms before I go on... Continue Reading →

Nothing to wear

It was a bit of a shock this morning when the alarm went off and it was still dark outside. No! It's too early to get up! After weeks of lying in until I'm ready to rise and shine, I had to drag myself out of my nice cosy bed and get the train to... Continue Reading →

Back to work

John and I were back in work today after 6 weeks off, so we're now back in the routine of planning meals in advance and booking sessions at the gym. I expected this would make it easier to stick to my plan for losing the 6 kilograms I gained over the summer. However, I have... Continue Reading →

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