And breathe…

I’ve had another busy week… not stressful… just really busy. In between work and training, I’ve been ticking things off my list of jobs and editing photos to submit to my first competition. Being busy has its good points. Although at times I’ve really struggled this week, feeling hungry or too tired to train, I’ve managed to stay determined and on track, and I’ve lost 1 kilogram… which is what I was hoping for. Being busy has been a good distraction. Now it’s Friday evening and time to relax and celebrate with the G&Ts, which I’ve been saving calories for!

So… that’s 3.8 kilograms (8 pounds) lost in 2 weeks, which is amazing. I now have just 2.4 kilograms left to get to get back to 60 kilograms, my usual weight for the past few years. I do have a sneaky desire to get below that but I’m not sure how long my motivation and determination will last! Losing weight isn’t easy, especially long-term. It’s so difficult to maintain a low calorie diet and regular training over weeks and months, and to keep tracking everything. I have a tendency to do well all week and then ruin it at weekends… John and I do too much socialising!

We’re away in the campervan this weekend, meeting friends in Little Stretton. We’ve left Millie curled up tightly in the bath, which is her favourite bed at the moment for some reason, and we’re currently in a typical Friday evening queue of traffic. It’ll be worth it when we’re chilling at the campsite though. Although we’ll do a long hike tomorrow, I’ll probably struggle to have much of a calorie deficit over the weekend as we’ll be eating out and enjoying quite a few drinks. It’s important to have treats though, otherwise I start feeling fed up and deprived when I’m dieting. However, I’ll do my best to make good choices. I don’t want to ruin all the good work I’ve managed so far.


As well as blogging my progress with my weight loss challenge to keep myself accountable, I wanted to write this blog to try importing photos from Flickr to WordPress, which will save me using my data up. It’s vanishing fast now I blog regularly and I was shown how to do it by one of the guys at the Prestatyn Photography Club. I’ve now set up a Flikr account and linked to a few photos… it was easy… why did I never look into this before?! Here are a few examples of older images that I’ve edited for a second time this week, as I learn to use PhotoShop with the help of someone else from the photography club. I’m quite pleased with them 😊


Tasmanian stars


Icelandic gorge



Traffic’s moving well now and we’ll soon be there. I’d better log out of WordPress and give John directions 👍

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