Mind games

That’s what weight loss is often about. While I think tracking your calories and exercise is vital for weight loss, the voices inside your head need addressing too. You’re running late, take the car to the gym instead of running; it’s raining, don’t bother traipsing up and down the platform to get the steps; those extra few biscuits won’t matter; another glass of wine won’t hurt… But all those small things add up and will adversely affect weight loss.

Look at all that exercise gear! John and I must be doing something right!

As I thought might happen, I am struggling to stick to my plan more than I was last week. As I lost more weight than I expected, its now easy to convince myself that a bit less exercise and a few more calories will be ok. The motivation to lose weight has waned and having to monitor my food and steps for weeks to come is feeling rather tedious. The voices in my head are encouraging me to cheat and I’m battling against them… it really does feel like a battle at times. But they aren’t going to win.

I am making myself stick to my plan. I did run to the gym, despite it meaning I turned up late and very hot and sweaty. I did walk up and down the station platform this morning despite it meaning my raincoat is now soaked and my hair probably looks bedraggled where it escaped from my hood. And we’re away with friends this weekend, so I am logging every bite of food and sip of drink, trying to maintain an extra calorie deficit so I can use them for a meal out and a bottle of wine. It will be worth it when my clothes fit again. It will be worth it when we go away at half term and I feel good in my shorts and swimwear.

Crocheting covers for mini hot water bottles for the campervan

John is being really supportive, running and walking with me, avoiding the wine so I’m not tempted, and helping me make healthy meal choices… even shopping and cooking for me. The last few days have gone quite well, despite the voices in my head. Keeping busy has helped. We went to Plas Newydd, a National Trust house and garden on Sunday. I had hoped to photograph the red squirrels that live in the woodland there, but they were too high in the trees and moving too fast. I got some good pictures of trees instead though! I’ve also spent a lot of time editing photos… I’m determined to get the hang of PhotoShop… and crocheting. I’m making hot water bottle covers for a couple of mini hot water bottles that I bought to use in the campervan. They match the cushions!

Excuses for not sticking to the plan and not tracking everything are just that… excuses. I can’t blame anyone else if I don’t lose weight this week. Nobody is forcing food into my mouth. Nobody is tying me up and stopping me trying to get 10000 steps each day, or exercising 5 days out of 7. I am NOT making excuses. I am winning the battles in my head 🙂


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