A paddle up the Cymyran Straits

It was rather damp and drizzly this morning, and the forecast was for quite strong wind, but we’d planned a paddle so John and Dan discussed various options. They finally decided on a trip up the Cymyran Straits which, from John’s calculations, meant we’d be out of the wind and should be helped by the... Continue Reading →

A mini trip to Anglesey

We’re having a mini holiday on Anglesey, to meet up with friends and family, and try out Bertie BoxLife properly. I’d been a bit worried where all the food, clothes and kit would fit but it all went in easily and everything now has a logical place. Bertie now feels like home and we’re having... Continue Reading →

Going home

Driving back to the airport, it only seems a few days since Rachel picked us up, not 3 weeks. The landscape that seemed so unfamiliar when we arrived, we now know is typical of Tasmania... beautiful green hills, long sandy beaches, tall trees and wooden buildings. I felt sad when the kids left for school,... Continue Reading →

Our last day: The Hartz Mountains

Richard is still on holiday from work today so we went up into the Hartz Mountains. We’d hoped to climb Hartz Peak, which Rachel isn’t keen on because it involves scrambling, but which we would have enjoyed. However, when we got there, the cloud was down and the wind was strong and very cold. There... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Christmas in August!

Lexie misses celebrating Christmas in winter. When the sun is shining in December in Australia, the twinkling of the fairy lights isn’t as obvious, a full roast dinner isn’t as welcome, there’s no point lighting the fire, and sitting inside watching a cheesy Christmas DVD just isn’t the same. Therefore, Richard and Rachel have agreed... Continue Reading →

A family trip to Bruny Island

Unfortunately Lexie was still feeling poorly today, but the rest of us... me, John, Richard, Rachel and Thomas... had a trip to Bruny Island, off the Tasmanian coast near Hobart. We got the car ferry from Kettering, which reminded us of the ferry on Windermere. When we landed towards the north of Bruny after the... Continue Reading →

A big drop: Gordon Dam

I thought I’d had a rubbish night’s sleep in the cabin but Fitbit says I had 7 hours sleep. I initially dozed off but then started hearing noises. I worked out that some were just the wood crackling on the wood burner, and the wood burner cooling, but I was still convinced I could hear... Continue Reading →

Wombat hunting

Because the weather was rubbish, we’d planned an early dinner and an evening in front of the telly... or so I thought. At about 5 o’clock, John suggested we went out at dusk looking for wombats. I wasn’t sure how likely we were to see them in the cold and wet. Wouldn’t they just stay... Continue Reading →

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