Celebrating Christmas in August!

Lexie misses celebrating Christmas in winter. When the sun is shining in December in Australia, the twinkling of the fairy lights isn’t as obvious, a full roast dinner isn’t as welcome, there’s no point lighting the fire, and sitting inside watching a cheesy Christmas DVD just isn’t the same. Therefore, Richard and Rachel have agreed to  a mini Christmas celebration in the Tassie winter, and it was fun to be here and be part of it this year.

In the morning, Richard got the decorations out of the loft, and Lexie and I put the Christmas tree up together. Richard made a trifle, and we all got stuck in, helping to prepare Christmas dinner.

We then had a rather lazy afternoon, which was lovely because John and I seem to have done so much rushing around, sightseeing. The most exercise I had was a wander into the garden when Lexie was feeding the horses! It definitely felt Christmassy with the cold, damp weather outside and the fairy lights twinkling as it got dark.

We then sat by the fire and watched a film with a glass of fizz until it was time for dinner. Dinner was the whole works… stuffing, pigs in blankets, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, roasties and sprouts… except we had chicken rather than turkey. It was delicious!


After we’d filled ourselves to the top with dinner, trifle and cheese and biscuits, we exchanged a few little gifts, which was lovely. Then we watched the rest of the film. I really enjoyed having a family day together, particularly as we’ll be on our way home soon.

It’s been a great holiday, and lovely to spend time with Richard, Rachel, Lexie and Thomas. We’ve been very well looked after and felt very welcome. And we’ve really settled in this week and felt part of the family. We’ll be very sad to leave, but all the best things come to an end… and that end is only temporary. We will be back one day.

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