Our last day: The Hartz Mountains

Richard is still on holiday from work today so we went up into the Hartz Mountains. We’d hoped to climb Hartz Peak, which Rachel isn’t keen on because it involves scrambling, but which we would have enjoyed. However, when we got there, the cloud was down and the wind was strong and very cold. There was even a little snow on the ground, and there were no views whatsoever. Richard reckoned he was the coldest he’s been since he moved to Tasmania!

Up at the top car park, there was a sign saying 40 minutes to Lake Osborne and back, and Richard pointed out a couple of other options on the map, including a walk to a waterfall. We decided to try the walk to the lake and see how we got on.

It was really cold on the way there, with the biting wind in our faces, except where we were sheltered by the trees. After about 20 minutes, John spotted the edge of the lake… We couldn’t see much more than that because of the mist! Because of the wind, there were waves on the lake, crashing onto the shore, just as though it was the sea.

Walking back to the car wasn’t as bad because the wind was on our backs, and I stopped to take some photos on the way. I think Richard was glad to get back to the car though! That said, he was happy to have another short walk to see the Arve Waterfall.

We followed the Arve Creek which joined up with another river before the waterfall. The creek and the waterfall were rather impressive because of the rain, and the drop went on and on, further than we could see.

On the track back down from the Hartz Mountains we stopped at a viewpoint. There were trees as far as the eye could see.

After this, we decided to head back home, stopping in Franklin for a coffee and cake, then in Huonville to pick up some bread to make Christmas dinner butties for lunch. We also discovered a fascinating little second hand book shop, packed with all sorts of books sorted by genre and author.

John and I have now got our stuff together and have started packing, ready to head home tomorrow. I’ve caught up with the blog, had a shower and washed my hair, and we’ve tried (and failed) to check in for our flights. Lexie and Thomas have arrived home from school, Rachel has made lasagne and cherry pie for dinner, and Richard has just handed me a Mojito. Cheers! Our last evening is looking like a good one!





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