Going home

Driving back to the airport, it only seems a few days since Rachel picked us up, not 3 weeks. The landscape that seemed so unfamiliar when we arrived, we now know is typical of Tasmania… beautiful green hills, long sandy beaches, tall trees and wooden buildings. I felt sad when the kids left for school, sad when we waved to Rachel as we left the house, and sad when Richard left us at the airport. It’s been a long time since we’ve had quality time together, and it’s been great to see where they live and explore this beautiful country.

It’s been a fabulous holiday but I’m looking forward to getting home and seeing Millie, sleeping in my own home, and going away in our new camper van. I am not, however, looking forward to the journey home… the strange limbo of waiting in airports and flying high through many time zones, with little sleep and too many meals consisting of noodles. The journey has started well, though. We had a straight forward drive to the airport, getting here sooner than expected, and checking in was fast and smooth. We’re now sitting having a glass of wine and a beer, waiting to board our plane for the first leg of the journey to Brisbane.

Reflecting on our trip, the highlights have been seeing where Richard and the family live and work and spending time with them, seeing strange creatures in the wild, climbing Mount Amos, staying in a hut at Mount Field, Bicheno blow hole, Bay of Fires… the list goes on and on. We look forward to returning for more of Richard and Rachel’s wonderful hospitality, and to do all the things we didn’t manage to do this time.

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  1. Another trip I have loved following! Thank you for sharing all your highlights – I get to travel vicariously through you – and it’s just wonderful!


  2. Thank you. Even though I write my blog as a personal diary, I’m always pleased to hear you and others have enjoyed it 🙂


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