30th July 2014: Fuente De hike

We got up early again and prepared for a long day in the mountains. We had breakfast, prepared packed lunches and washed up before driving 25 minutes along the valley to Fuente De. From here, we took the cable car 800m up the mountain to about 1700m. We enjoyed the view from the viewing platform... Continue Reading →

29th July 2014: The Cares Gorge

We set the alarm last night for the first time this holiday and rose at 7.00. The walk we planned today is a busy one so we wanted to make an early start. However, we couldn’t move the camper van from the campsite until 8.00. As soon as we could, we drove the hour and... Continue Reading →

27th July 2014: Hike to Pico Cutiales

We’ve had a busy day. I rose early and collected croissants and put the washing on. Then we ate breakfast, washed up and got ready to go hiking before hanging the washing out. We started the hike by walking down into Potes from the campsite. Then we contoured around the hillside and followed a neighbouring... Continue Reading →

26th July 2014: Potes and pool

After a leisurely start we walked into Potes, the nearby town. We wanted to visit tourist information and buy a local walking map, and while we were there it would have been rude not to have lunch 🙂 The town is very pretty. It’s situated on the Deva river and there are narrow, winding streets... Continue Reading →

25th July 2014: Exploring the beaches

Apparently, I slept through a thunderstorm last night! And we awoke to cloud again today. This was a bit disappointing but we decided to head to the coast anyway. John had done his research and found out there were quieter beaches away from the car parks, and a coastal path linking them, so we decided... Continue Reading →

23rd July 2014: Feeling poorly :-(

I went to bed early last night because, while John’s got better, my headache got steadily worse and I started to feel sick. We woke at 7.00 this morning because we’d forgotten to shut the blinds and the sun was streaming in but, once they were closed we fell back to sleep for a couple... Continue Reading →

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