24th July 2014: Tour of the Picos de Europa

I woke with only a slight headache this morning so we decided to explore the area, driving right around the mountain range. We had a leisurely day, stopping at the many viewpoints along the route.

The clouds were low in the valleys when we set off, and it was rather hazy, meaning the views weren’t as good as we’d hoped. However, we still had an enjoyable day. The scenery is stunning, from sheer limestone peaks and gorges, to rounded green foothills, and pastures and flower meadows.

We stopped for lunch in Cangas de Onis, where a medieval bridge (inaccurately named Puente Roman) spans the river, which we had followed through a 10km long gorge.

Now we’re back at the campsite listening to the thunder rumble around the mountains. Hopefully we’re in for a good storm!

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