23rd July 2014: Feeling poorly :-(

I went to bed early last night because, while John’s got better, my headache got steadily worse and I started to feel sick. We woke at 7.00 this morning because we’d forgotten to shut the blinds and the sun was streaming in but, once they were closed we fell back to sleep for a couple more hours.

I still felt poorly. My head was still hurting and I was sick. Maybe it was migraine, although I didn’t have the aura that I often have. I lay on the bed sleeping all morning while John sat outside reading. At lunchtime I felt a little better and ate a slice of bread and a cup of water, while John ate a plate full of bread, meats and cheese, washed down with wine 🙂

I’m feeling ok now. I’ve eaten a Magnum and I’m contemplating a cold beer, and my headache has almost gone when I’m not in the sunshine. John says he’s been quite happy reading all day. We’re going to take it easy tomorrow and make sure I feel ok. Rather than going hiking, we’ll either take the van and go exploring the mountain villages, or if I’m feeling ok in the sun, head to the beach.

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