22nd July 2014: We arrive at our destination

We were woken early by music through the tannoy and got up and got ready to leave the ship. Apart from having to reverse to get off the ship because a car had broken down in front of us, the 3hr journey to Potes at the edge of the Picos de Europa national park was uneventful. Having stopped at the supermarket to stock up on provisions we found the campsite easily.

The campsite is lovely. It’s beautifully laid out with pitches on terraces in between cherry and olive trees. The facilities are spacious and clean and there’s a small shop, bar and pool, all surrounded by tubs full of brightly coloured flowers. We chose a spacious and shady spot in the trees so the van stays nice and cool. It’s away from the bar and pool so its peaceful, and we have views of the mountains. In spite of doing nothing all day on the ship, we were both tired and had headaches so we decided to spend the afternoon reading quietly in the dappled shade of the trees.

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