Walking in the air: Tahune

Today we’ve been to Tahune Airwalk. Tahune is aboriginal and means ‘peaceful place by running water’, which it certainly was. On the way to Tahune we stopped in Geeveston, where we saw this great graffiti in a recycling yard, and visited a craft centre. Because it’s a Monday in winter and the weather was overcast, there weren’t... Continue Reading →

A leisurely Sunday drive from Margate

At last! We both had a good night’s sleep! Unfortunately, after yesterday’s wall to wall sunshine, we awoke to quite heavy rain. Nevertheless, Richard lit the barbecue outside... luckily it’s undercover... and made us a tasty cooked breakfast. After writing yesterday’s blog... I hate it when I get behind with it... Richard took us for... Continue Reading →

Sights at night: the blood moon

I can’t resist an extra blog post because I’ve had great fun photographing the pademelons, the starry sky and the lunar eclipse. I even saw a shooting star for the first time... usually John sees them and I miss them! Pademelons are marsupials, which are smaller than wallabies, and they hop around Rich and Rach’s... Continue Reading →

Bonorong wildlife sanctuary and Richmond

Eight hours sleep! Fantastic! Unfortunately John wasn’t so lucky but, hopefully, we’ll both be ok tonight. Anyway... today we had a lovely morning meeting lots of Tasmanian wildlife, including wombats, Tasmanian devils and koalas, who were all super cute! Bonorong is a wildlife sanctuary, not a zoo, and primarily looks after Tasmanian native animals who... Continue Reading →

Falls and fossils

Jetlag sucks! I was feeling very sorry for myself today, and a bit grumpy, because I was wide awake from 1.00, while John managed to stay in bed until about 7.30! Because of this, we decided to stay locally, and not do anything very taxing. A walk to Snug Waterfalls in the morning and another to... Continue Reading →

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