Trip to Tas leg 1: Manchester to Singapore

We’re in some sort of odd other world up the sky, where time makes no sense as we travel over 7000 miles on a 13-hour flight from Manchester to Singapore at almost 600 miles per hour. We left the house at 6 o’clock this morning and have been travelling for 13 hours so far, and we still have almost 6 hours to go before we reach Singapore. After a 2-hour break we have another 7 hour flight to Sydney, where we stay in a hotel over night before our third, 2-hour flight to Hobart, Tasmania.

With the time zone changes, i can’t work out how long we actually travel for, except to say we left on Monday morning and won’t arrive in Hobart until Wednesday morning. The media system in the seat back in front of me tells me that it’s now 7 o’clock in the evening back at home, while it is 2 o’clock in the morning in Singapore. Goodness knows what time it is where we are now, on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border!

I’m quite pleased because I have managed to have a few hours of broken sleep, which will hopefully help to ease me into the new time zone. I had a few small glasses of wine before and with my meal on the plane. The meal was surprisingly, quite tasty… shrimps and potato salad, deep fried fish in black bean sauce with rice and vegetables, cheese and biscuits; and ice cream. I took an over-the counter sleeping tablet after my meal and watched a film, wrapped in my blanket, dozing off before the end.

Home already feels half a world away. It seems ages since we rose at 4 o’clock and pottered round, finishing the final few jobs on my list and giving cuddles to Millie. She’s promised to be a good girl for Aunty Jean 😊

The taxi got us to the airport far too early and we had quite a while to wait before the check in desk opened. In hindsight we could probably have left a bit later but we didn’t want to get stuck in rush hour traffic, and we were up anyway because we went to bed early, planning ahead for the next time zone we’d experience… Singapore, which is 7 hours ahead.

At check in, we met a little girl who was in John’s class this year, travelling to Australia with her mum and brother. It was quite amusing when we found out they’re on the same flights, but we’re glad they aren’t sitting next to us on the plane. I don’t want her going back to school telling everyone Mrs Crossley drinks lots of red wine and snores even if it is true! 😜

It took a while to get through check in even though we’d previously booked in online… It makes me wonder whether its worth bothering! I’m pleased our cabin bags weren’t weighed because I’m sure they’re over the 7kg weight limit. We were quickly through security and then spent a couple of hours in a quiet bar having breakfast before we boarded.

In summary… so far, so good. It’s dark outside and the lights are low in the plane. I’m wrapped in my blanket listening to Air Supply, a blast from the past, while I type. I think I’ll watch another film and, when it’s light, do a bit more crochet. I’m not sure what time breakfast is served, but I’m looking forward to it. Goodbye for now.

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