A leisurely Sunday drive from Margate

At last! We both had a good night’s sleep! Unfortunately, after yesterday’s wall to wall sunshine, we awoke to quite heavy rain. Nevertheless, Richard lit the barbecue outside… luckily it’s undercover… and made us a tasty cooked breakfast.

After writing yesterday’s blog… I hate it when I get behind with it… Richard took us for a drive around the peninsula that they live at the top of. Luckily the rain had stopped, but it was still a rather grey day. The scenery was still beautiful though, with lovely beaches and rolling green hills and fields. There were lots of cows and sheep in the fields, and daffodils in gardens, and it often looked like England or Wales.

We got out of the car at Middleton where Rach told us they’d previously met fishermen chopping tuna that they’d caught out at sea on the tables by the jetty. They were pleased to be given a large chunk, which they cooked back at home. There was nobody there today though, so no tuna for tonight’s tea!

We then drove past several bays and beaches, including one amusingly named Eggs and Bacon Bay. There are lots of holiday or weekend homes in the area of various sizes, which the locals apparently call their ‘shacks’. Some were far grander than shacks! We saw some plots of land for sale, with the beginnings of driveways leading into what was still Tasmanian bush. They’ll require lots of work to get them inhabitable. And a big bulldozer!

We got out to have a walk along the sandy beach at Randall’s Bay. It was very peaceful today and I enjoyed listening to the sound of the gentle waves lapping the shore.


We then stopped in a place called Cygnet where we visited a local potter’s workshop. John and I bought 2 mugs for the campervan, which will match our new tableware very well. We always like a useful souvenir from our trips! Rachel bought a beautiful objet d’art, which John has just called a dust collector!

After this, we took some photographs of the boats on the sea. In spite of the rain, it was very calm and I loved the mist hanging below the hilltops, and the reflections in the water. It reminded us of Windermere in the Lake District!

We found a lovely cafe for lunch in Cygnet, which Rich and Rach hadn’t been to before. The food was delicious, and presented beautifully.

After this, we headed back, travelling over the ridge of hills between the Huon and Derwent rivers. The mist is still hanging around but there were still some great views.


Back at the house, we’re all pottering around doing our own thing. John and I have done some washing, ready for our road trip, which starts on Tuesday. Soon it’ll be time for roast dinner… I’m doing a lot of eating! 🙂

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