A trip to see the queen… sort of!

Yesterday, I took my mum and dad on a trip on a heritage train from Bangor to Windsor along the west coast main line, with West Coast Railways. Unfortunately it was a diesel train, rather than a steam train, but I'd booked premier dining, which included silver service of full English breakfast in the morning and... Continue Reading →

Meet Bertie BoxLife

People have been asking me and John about our new campervan, particularly what it's like inside and why we chose it. It's a Knaus BoxLife 630, which John has named 'Bertie'. I wasn't sure about this name at first but it seems to suit the van and has grown on me a lot. We loved... Continue Reading →

The 3 lighthouses challenge

Not my usual type of challenge as there was no running involved... Last weekend's challenge was to photograph the 3 main lighthouses on Anglesey – Penmon, Llanddwyn Island and South Stack.  The day was a Welshot rewards day and the aim of the event was to be out all day, experimenting with photography and, hopefully capturing a... Continue Reading →

Photographing little things

I've had a fantastic weekend photographing flowers and insects on Anglesey and in Snowdonia. The weather was beautiful and it was great to be out in the sunshine. Unfortunately, the hot, dry weather meant little creatures like frogs were hiding somewhere cool and damp where we couldn't find them. Otherwise, the weekend was only marred... Continue Reading →

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