Sights at night: the blood moon

I can’t resist an extra blog post because I’ve had great fun photographing the pademelons, the starry sky and the lunar eclipse. I even saw a shooting star for the first time… usually John sees them and I miss them!

Pademelons are marsupials, which are smaller than wallabies, and they hop around Rich and Rach’s garden at night. This one sat still for a few seconds when we shone the torch on it so I managed to get a decent shot. I took this yesterday evening, and also set up my camera for taking the lunar eclipse this morning, in case we were awake early enough.


John woke at about 4.00 and disturbed me so we got up, dressed warmly, made a cuppa and went outside. To start with, there was a small chunk out of the moon, which gradually grew as the eclipse went on.


The bit of the moon that was eclipsed, gradually got more and more orange until the whole moon was blood red. Unfortunately, we didn’t see it at it’s peak because it dropped behind the trees. That said, our feet were cold so we were glad to come in.

I had a go at some artistic shots to try and make the images more interesting, but I’m not sure about them. Mars is shining very brightly, quite close to the moon, and can be seen above the moon in one of the pictures below.

We were lucky that much of the sky was clear of cloud… I’d have regretted getting up if it wasn’t because I’m now pretty tired again! Rich and Rach live in the middle of nowhere so there’s little light pollution and the stars are amazing. The camera shows them better than our eyes, and I find it difficult to believe how many there are out there in the universe!

It’s just past 7 o’clock in the morning in Tasmania now. We’re off to Hobart today to visit Salamanca Market and some other attractions. More to follow later. G’day!

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