25th July 2014: Exploring the beaches

Apparently, I slept through a thunderstorm last night! And we awoke to cloud again today. This was a bit disappointing but we decided to head to the coast anyway. John had done his research and found out there were quieter beaches away from the car parks, and a coastal path linking them, so we decided to explore. We thought the weather might be better on the coast than in the mountains, so we packed our beach stuff just in case.

We parked up in a lovely coastal village and set off, exploring the beaches and headlands. The green fields turned into rocky cliffs, which plunged into the turquoise sea. The beaches had soft white sand and were very quiet, maybe because it was cloudy. However, that didn’t stop the naturists because it was still lovely and warm.

We reached a beautiful long, wide beach surrounded by grassy cliffs, which was called Playa Torombia, and stopped for a beer at the far end. The sun began to shine so we decided to stay there and join the naturists to swim and sunbathe for a while. Although people were continually coming and going, the beach stayed quiet, probably because it was so big and a fair walk from the nearest car park. Although the sea seemed really cold when we first went in, it soon became a welcome relief from the hot sun.

Back at the campsite, it’s still cloudy but warm. We’ve had a barbecue and are now sitting relaxing with a bottle of wine. We don’t plan to stray too far from Potes, where we’re staying, over the weekend because places will probably be very busy. We’re thinking maybe a day exploring the town and a local hike.

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