1st August 2014: Gaudi and Comillas

After our long and difficult hike, we had a lazy day in the sunshine by the pool yesterday. Unfortunately, we awoke to cloud today. As we’d done what we wanted to do in the mountains, we decided to leave the campsite a day early, make our way up to the coast and find somewhere to spend the night.

We had breakfast, cleaned and packed the van, showered and left at about 12.00. As we drove north it began to rain so we decided to head to Comillas to do some sight seeing and visit El Capricho, one of the first buildings designed by Gaudi. It’s a relatively small two storey house, built for one man to live in on the ground floor, with his servants in the attic. The interior rooms are organised in line with the sun’s path to maximise light and warmth as the occupier moves from room to room over the course of the day. Sunflowers turn to face the sun during the day, which explains Gaudi’s use of sunflower ceramic tiles on the outside of the building, including the stunning tower.

Inside there are beautiful wooden ceilings, stained glass windows, fireplaces with ceramic tiles, forged iron balconies and benches. It’s beautiful. I’d even be happy living in the attic!

Comillas is a lovely little town, with cobbled streets. By the time we had looked around El Capricho, the rain had stopped so, after some pinchos for lunch, we walked up the hill to to see several other historical buildings (including a church, palace and university) and finished off down at the port and beach.

We then went back to the camper van for a cup of tea. The car park didn’t say ‘no overnight parking’ as many in tourist areas do. Therefore, as there were a couple of other vans that looked as though they were staying overnight, we decided to do the same.

We had intended to cook dinner in the van. However, at 8ish we decided to go into the town centre for a quick drink. When we got there, the place was buzzing. One glass of wine turned into four and, at 10.30, we decided we ought to find somewhere to eat. I found a good restaurant using Tripadvisor and we had a fantastic meal and another bottle of wine. This was a great evening for our last night in Spain!

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