2.8 kilograms!

That’s what I’ve lost in the last week… 2.8 kilograms… 6 pounds… nearly half a stone! I know the first week is always the easiest, but I’m still very pleased with that. It’s more than I expected and, hopefully, I’ll have lost another 3.4 kilograms and be back to 60 kilograms before I go on holiday at the end of October. Maybe I’ll lose even more and have a bikini body and a six pack… unlikely, but I can dream!

Yesterday was another rubbish day stepwise… only about 3,200. I had to wait in for the chimney sweep so I couldn’t run at lunchtime. Although that’s just an excuse… I could have run after work! Instead I ended up spending ages editing photos to submit to Prestatyn Camera Club for a competition. One of the guys there has been great, boosting my confidence in my photography, helping me to edit my images, and encouraging me to submit them for consideration for a North Wales competition. Anyway… I digress… There’s no getting around the fact that I didn’t burn many calories yesterday. Thankfully, I didn’t eat many either. I even resisted Friday night wine!

When I woke up today, I decided I’d better go for a run and was pleased when John said he’d join me, even though it was raining. We just did about 5 kilometres up the river and back, but at least that means I’ll get 10,000 steps today. I definitely needed to train today because we’ve been to mum and dad’s for lunch. Mum is a good cook and made us salmon with dauphinoise potatoes and vegetables. There was no way I was refusing those delicious potatoes, or the forest fruits she’d stewed for dessert. I did resist cream on my fruits though. I will end up going over 1200 calories today but I’ve logged everything I’ve eaten and plan to eat, and I should still be in calorie deficit when the running is taken into account. Therefore I’m satisfied. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have a treat day now and again so long as I don’t go mad. It stops me feeling deprived. Plus I have the rest of the week to stick to the plan and try and get rid of another kilogram.

Tonight we’re staying in the campervan at Brynsiencyn, looking across the Menai Straits from Anglesey to Caernarfon on the mainland. The weather is pretty rubbish outside, which makes us feel very cosy in Bertie BoxLife. I’m sitting at the table typing my blog and John’s made me a cup of tea. Later I’ll crochet while we watch a film, and I’ll treat myself to a G&T or two. I love box life!

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