Counting and stepping continues

I had a manic day yesterday so I didn’t manage to get a blog post written. I was at Aldi first thing, stocking up on healthy food, then I had lots to do in work. I didn’t get much exercise yesterday because in my lunch hour, rather than going out for a walk in the sunshine, I ended up researching ideas for a holiday, which we later booked! Also, John and I missed our gym session because we had to collect the campervan from the Fiat dealers, where it had had been to have  the faulty back door fixed. We did have a short walk around the Rhuddlan nature reserve though, before I shovelled my dinner down and headed of to Prestatyn camera club. At least being busy meant I didn’t eat too much and my calories were within my goal, although my steps weren’t!


Today has been another busy day, mostly spent working. I’ve hardly left the computer so I’ve only managed just over 4000 steps, which is even worse than yesterday. I might make 5000 by bedtime if I try! I did get to the gym though and thoroughly enjoyed the class, as always, and it was less painful than it was earlier in the week. Also, I lifted more weight than I expected after 6 weeks off, which is a bonus. And, because I was so engrossed in work, I forgot to eat breakfast, even though I’d entered it in my food diary. Forgetting to eat is most unlike me and means that, despite being a sloth, I have a calorie deficit again today! I am on a roll and looking forward to weigh day!

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