Nothing to wear

It was a bit of a shock this morning when the alarm went off and it was still dark outside. No! It’s too early to get up! After weeks of lying in until I’m ready to rise and shine, I had to drag myself out of my nice cosy bed and get the train to work in Manchester. The next issue was that all of my work trousers are too tight after weeks of overindulgence… more incentive to get the extra weight off! Even the skirt that I ended up wearing, which was quite loose before the summer, is uncomfortably tight now. It was riding up above the round of fat that is my tummy!

Chester station. It’s cooler here than it was in Rhuddlan and everyone seems to be in coats, leggings and hats!
However, I’m refusing to let go of summer clothes and flip flops, despite it being quite cool in Manchester today!

At least getting my steps in is easy on Tuesdays when I’m in the office, rather than working from home. When I reached Prestatyn station I traipsed up and down the platform until the train came. I repeated this at Chester station where I changed trains, and then walked the 10 minutes from Piccadilly to the NICE offices in the centre of Manchester. Even going to the loo or making a cup of tea requires more steps in the office than in our little cottage! I’d also booked into a class at the Fitness Academy, which is on my way home from the station. I’m generally tired on the train back to North Wales and usually wish I didn’t have to go, but I always enjoy the class and feel better afterwards, leaving with a smile, glad I made the effort.

Breakfast… coffee (thanks John x) and plum compote with fat free Greek yoghurt

Healthy eating is often difficult on a Tuesday. There tend to be biscuits, cakes or sweets in the office, particularly when people have been on holiday or are celebrating a birthday or something. I generally don’t have the willpower to resist but, week 1 of my weight loss challenge, and my determination is still firing on all cylinders. Go me! Although I always feel as though I need an extra meal after such an early start, and despite a rumbling tum in one meeting and on the train home, I managed to stay below 1200 calories.

All in all it’s been a good day. It’s been great to see all my friends in the office, and I stuck to my plan and hit my goals. I think I might hurt tomorrow after 2 consecutive nights at the gym though!

PS I love the Bees which have appeared all over Manchester. Apparently there are over 100 making up the Bee in the City art trail.


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