When the going gets tough

Some weeks are just tough, for no good reason… I seem to have got lots wrong  in my attempt to lose weight this week and I don’t really know why. I generally haven’t slept very well, I haven’t done enough steps and I have eaten too many snacks. I haven’t tracked my food in advance or at the time so I’ve ended up over eating and, therefore, my calorie deficits just haven’t been enough to lose weight. But as a friend at the Fitness Academy pointed out… we can’t get everything right all the time… that’s why weight loss and fitness is a journey. Overall, I’ve done my best, taking into account how I’ve felt each day and, as coach Lou says, my best is good enough.

Your best is good enough

And there are also positives, as another friend pointed out… I enjoyed the chocolate and giant shortbread fingers that I ate, I loved the gin and cucumber tonic that I drank and I’m refreshed by the good night’s sleep I had last night. I’ve met my work deadlines, I’ve started my level 2 photography course, I’ve set up a page in my blog to record my coursework, and I’ve enjoyed my 3 training sessions at the Fitness Academy.

The Fitness Academy… What a great place, especially when you’re struggling. Lou, Anne and all the members support and motivate each other to put the bad days behind them and keep going on their journey. I may be tired and grumpy before I go to a class but I can guarantee that I’ll leave smiling… glad I’ve trained, laughed, encouraged and been encouraged.

Another positive: I’ve managed to combine 3 photos in Photoshop… my first decent attempt at using this confusing software!

Sharing our steps and calories on the Academy Facebook group each evening is another way we help each other. It makes us accountable for what we eat and do because we’re all in the same boat, working towards similar goals. Even people who rarely train at the same times and aren’t close friends encourage each other, all sharing the highs and lows on our journeys to better health and fitness.

So with all this support, I’m doing ok. I may not have lost much weight, this week but, hopefully, I haven’t put any on. I didn’t blow my diet completely, and I didn’t give up. I still logged my steps and tracked my calories by the end of the day, and I still walked into the Fitness Academy and trained. I listened to coach Lou and my friends, I was kind to myself, and I didn’t beat myself up for eating too many calories and not doing enough steps. However, I also didn’t make excuses. I just put each day behind me, met each fresh dawn with a positive attitude and tried again.

Today has finally been a good day as far as my weight loss challenge this week is concerned. I have finally managed to keep my calories below 1200, without feeling hungry and struggling. Maybe I just needed that 8 hours’ sleep. Whatever the reason, I’m sure I have the Fitness Academy to thank. We all need a support group of some sort!

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