Back in the game

I’ve had a weekend off counting calories and tracking my exercise, and its been lovely to relax without thinking about whether to eat something or not and whether, if I do, I should exercise to burn it off. However, it wasn’t as lovely this morning to find out I’ve put 0.6 kilograms back on!

We visited friends on Friday and ate and drank far too much… our hangovers on Saturday were worse than we’ve had in a long time! Even though we drink alcohol quite regularly, we’re not used to drinking a lot these days… or going to bed at 2.30 in the morning! This meant we felt a bit sorry for ourselves and we ended up going out for a lovely Mayalsian banquet on Saturday night. We felt we’d earned it after an afternoon in the garden stacking logs and moving a ton of soil, with headaches!


Sunday was a lazier day spent visiting John’s step mum and planning a trip to The Netherlands for next year… quite exciting! We had intended to replace the roofing on the shed but the weather wasn’t really conducive to that. I did start crocheting my Woodland blanket again though. I need to get it finished because I want to make the Coastal ripple blanket for John to use in the campervan when it gets cold. Plus we’re visiting Yarndale festival in Skipton next weekend so I might want to treat myself to something else. John’ll object if I end up with too many unfinished projects on the go!

Anyway… the weekend has been great and it’s been good to stop worrying about my diet for a bit. Plus, putting a little weight back on has been the kick that I needed to get re-motivated. Once again, I’m determined to get back down to 60 kilograms before October half term. We’ve booked a short break in Dubrovnik and I need to be able to fit in my shorts! The fridge is full of healthy food, I’ve been for a short run before work, and I’ve planned and logged my food for the day. I’m going to be very busy working, doing an Airbnb changeover, taking the camper van to the garage (the rear door is jammed, yet again) and going to my photography course. Hopefully, this means I won’t have time to snack! And, hopefully, I will be under 62 kilograms this time next week, and under 60 kilograms in 5 weeks!



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