I have a dream…

… about me and John leaving our house and work behind and taking off in the campervan… travelling through Europe to places further afield, making a little money here and there by blogging about the things we love, such as wild camping, sight seeing, hiking, running and photography; selling the occasional photo of the beautiful places we’ve been too; and doing some medical writing. I know it can be done… I read about so many people that are doing it.

We talk about making our dream happen… renting out our cottage and turning the garage and what is currently our Airbnb into a bolt hole that we can come back to… adding a small kitchen and lounge to the existing bedroom and bathroom, and putting many of our possessions into storage or selling them. Maybe it could work, but we struggle to see how we could cope without our two decent salaries. How would we pay to maintain the house and campervan, on top of eating and fuel, and all the other bills? And what about paying into our pensions?

Apart from the Airbnb income, which we use to pay for our holidays, we have no savings. We have always lived for here and now… working to live, not living to work, and thoroughly enjoying everything we do… well mostly! At the moment we couldn’t go because we couldn’t leave Millie, our 16 year-old cat, but in 5 or 10 years… maybe…

In the meantime… I have a dream…

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